You Can Make Your Own
Chickenhead Door Knocker
(Get The Specifications Here)

Dateline: 10 February 2017
By: Herrick Kimball

This is the cover of the PDF specifications package

If you have some basic woodworking tools and know how to safely use them, you can make your own chickenhead door knocker. It's a powerfully satisfying little project. The 16-page specifications package I've put together for you will clarify all the details.

An Overview...

I cut the chickenhead out of a 3/4" board using a jigsaw. The edges are hand-carved round with a utility knife and the interior lines are incised with the knife. The beak is carved separately and glued on. Then the chickenhead is primed and painted. The chickenhead is integrated with a backboard, pivot, and pull-string to complete the projcet.

My 16-page specifications package is a must-have resource for making your own chickenhead door knocker. A full-size chickenhead pattern is in the package, along with 45 color photos that explain in clear detail how I made the chickenhead door knocker pictured above. 

The specifications package is available as a PDF download. The price is $5.99

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